Commercial Law

We provide advice to our clients on all aspects of Commercial Law including company start ups, investments, tax issues and share transfers. We act for people who buy and sell land for commercial and industrial purposes. We have control systems that will make the process more efficient and cost effective for you, which will save you time. 

If you are thinking of starting a business or new company or partnership. Contact us. We also advise on Partnership Agreements, Bankruptcy and Liquidation.

Debt Recovery

We handle large volumes of debt recovery work for large and small companies.
Intimate knowledge of procedures and close working relations with the courts help the quick and effective processing of debt cases. We also have broad experience of all aspects of enforcement. This knowledge and experience are important factors in achieving a high recovery rate.
We are flexible in our approach to fee structures for this type of work.

For more information or advice on this area please contact us

EU Law

EU Law impacts all areas of economic and business activity from the free movement of goods and services to telecommunications, from customs to distribution agreements.

A comprehensive knowledge of the rights and obligations arising from EU Law is crucial to advising clients and we have experience in this important area of practice.

Wills & Probate

PB Cunningham & Co can advise you on making a will. We will also advise you on tax and family issues, particularly in the case of co-habiting partners. We offer an efficient, professional service when it comes to dealing with the assets of someone who has died.
We will help you with all the necessary paperwork relating to the management and distribution of an estate including tax issues.

Employment Law

We can help you with legal advice and assistance on all issues related to employment. Whether you are an employer or an employee please contact us for more advice or assistance in regard to contracts, terminations, disciplinary issues, unfair dismissals, redundancies and bullying and harassment. 

We also represent clients at the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court. Contact us.

Consumer Law

We can help you with legal disputes with regard to knowing your rights, making complaints, dealing with disputes, returning or cancelling orders and issues relating to purchasing cars.

We will help you to get satisfactory results by informing you of your rights under consumer, if you have any further questions please Contact us.

Buying Property - We act for first time buyers and investors.

This includes houses, apartments and other habitable dwellings. We offer a speedy and professional service that will help to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you.
We will liase with you, your bank, mortgage broker, and auctioneer to help move things along quickly. We will keep you updated on progress so you will always know what is happening. We offer a comprehensive first time buyers package that covers all your needs, including wills, partnership agreements and agreements between family members.
Let us quote you for the purchase of your home. Contact Us.

Selling Property

PB Cunningham & Co act for people who are selling commercial and residential property. This includes dwelling houses, apartments, and other habitable premises. We will take up title documents, prepare contracts to send to the buyer’s solicitor, answer any enquiries and prepare all the documents needed for closing the sale. We will pay off any mortgages on the property and provide a statement of account showing money that we took in and paid out on your behalf. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your sale will proceed quickly and smoothly and within a reasonable period of time.

Contact us for a quote on selling a property

Defamation Law

Our defamation team advises on general defamation issues, on contempt of court and in the ever expanding area of privacy law. Many of our clients are in the public eye and seek our guidance on media management strategies including reputation management measures.

Re mortgaging

If you are re mortgaging your property we can offer a speedy efficient cost effective service. We will get your title documents from the existing lender, liase with your new bank or broker, repay the old mortgage and register the new mortgage in the land registry.
If you are thinking of re mortgaging Contact us for a quote.
If you are getting a top up mortgage or equity release, we can help you with this as well.